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I am happy that you decided to visit my blog. Here will be frequently uploaded photos of my most recent photo work, whether it will be my studiowork or photos made on location.

Enjoy !!




What a great couple I had in my studio for a pregnancy session. Two different nationalities,living in another country and spending some time now in Switzerland.

Reham was already 39 weeks pregnant when she came. Usually I photographe pregnant women around 32-36 weeks, but for Reham it wasn't a problem at all. She was still in such a good 'condition' and could even walk and pose on her high heels.

I am looking forward to meet their baby girl soon. I am having the honor to photographe her as well.





Some weeks ago I had these great teenagers in my studio. I couldn't put it directly on my blog, since it was meant to be a surprise present for the father of these children.

It was great working with them, while they find themselves part of the gift. These type of models, I would like to work with every day.

Daddy enjoyed very much his birthday present printed on canvas.








It was just before the summer holidays started, when I discovered this beautiful field (not far from Lausanne) full with poppies. And I LOVE poppies, these are one of my favorite flowers !!

That afternoon I went immediately back to make this beautiful photosession. In the same week I had another photosession planned, and guess what, I went there for a second time. With different light, and different models. Some of these photos you'll find on my facebook account.


Julliette and Noud | Spring is in the air


So flowers everywhere ! A beautiful day for a photoshoot on location.

This little girl of almost 4 years wanted to collect some flowers for mothersday.

A perfect idea, a beautiful setting, so great to make some nice photos in the field.

First we had some 'girls talk' at the stairs and then we were ready to go. Her twin brother also joined us, so at the end, the mom got a great bouquet of flowers of these 2 beauties.

And I.......I went home with lots of beautiful and spontanious photos.

It was a great children session on location.

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